About Us & Our Hair

Searching for great quality, long lasting and reasonably priced hair can be daunting. I have been on the hunt since I was 16 years old! Purchasing hair from swap meets, beauty supplies and hair stores, I was unable to find the quality of hair I was looking for. I needed to find hair that would withstand the test of time.

In 2017, I found the hair I was looking for; hair that would take a lot of heat, manipulation, hair dyes, bleaches and would not need special instructions for care. I have had the same hair for 4 years! I have dyed it 3 times, bleached it 3 times and apply constant heat on it almost everyday! 

Our hair is very durable and of great quality. We offer Virgin Indian hair from the North and South temples in India.

North Indian hair is typically more sleek and shiny containing natural strands of hair with henna in it. Henna is an indicator of true raw hair. Many companies dye hair and use harsh chemicals. We do not. 

South Indian hair is the most cuticle healthy hair on the human hair market. South Indian hair is more course and thick as well as full from root to tip. South Indian hair is also the only hair that has raw natural curls. We do not mix any of our hair with cheap fillers or synthetics. We can use a safe steam method to achieve any curly or wavy hair styles you can imagine.

In addition to providing you great quality hair, we also donate a percentage of each sale to charity. I plan to one day hold a large charity event around the holidays for the homeless and less fortunate. As of right now, I will donate a percentage of each sale to different charities. The charity being donated to at this time is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, because it is important to me that kids with chronic diseases receive the care and treatment they need without the parents having to worry about the financial liability to save their child’s life.